Make money on your sports content with PPV or Subscriptions

Your digital stadium with unlimited capacity.

The sporting landscape is changing and your digital stadium has an unlimited capacity.

Even in today’s busy and increasingly connected world nothing seems to stir emotions, divide opinion and drive digital engagement quite like sport. Fans and followers of today are craving more access, data and content to the teams and events they care about most.

Gone are the days where revenues are limited by stadium size or fans ability to attend in person. Content owners and rights holders are increasingly turning to streaming and monetization technology to engage a potentially infinite number of viewers.

InPlayer’s Paywall technology has enabled leagues, federations, clubs, tournaments across more than 40 sports to not only improve engagement but also drive significant digital revenues from Pay Per View and Subscription.

We are helping our clients to build their digital stadiums – this makes for an exciting and potentially very lucrative time. Please do get in touch to discuss your event/content.

Start monetising your sports events

Increase revenue on your sports content

Some of the client events in sports:

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