Ooyala has a 10-plus year track record in assisting their client in delivering world class online video experiences.  The Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides clients with everything they need to be successful in the online media world, including the burgeoning OTT space.

From content creation, hosting, delivery and management to customised playback experiences, live broadcasting and ad-based monetisation, Ooyala is a true market leader, supporting 500+ clients who reach an audience of over 220 million viewers every month, all while assisting their clients revenue generation efforts by serving up more than 1.2 billion video ads per month. 

By integrating InPlayer’s advanced paywall functionality into the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, studios, enterprises and brands, media and broadcasters, and operators seeking to capitalise on live events, premium on-demand video content, and OTT solutions can utilise InPlayer’s paywall to not only manage and monetize Pay-Per-View and subscription strategies, but also leverage InPlayer’s real-time analytics to understand their customer base, popularity of content, and control access to their premium content.

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