Build your own entertainment streaming service

Build a subscription audience to premium TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more.

InPlayer works with a number of broadcasters and cable operators to help them fulfil the PPV & Subscription element of their OTT platform offerings. We ensure the highest conversions of clients via our industry leading Paywall and maximum retention with our Audience tool set. 

Why restrict the viewers to your valuable content to just a local audience, InPlayer can help launch this content to a global audience and support the subscription and monetisation of this content across all platforms. Using our API’s, SDK’s and Audience module will ensure you can access, re engage and retain your viewers. 

Ensure the right of your content are maximised using InPlayer’s Pay-Per-View Platform service. If you have the rights to live sports / music / theatre or exclusive event our technology can help you scale to attract and monetise large valuable audiences.

Some of the client events in ott:

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